Athens Rhapsody

A creative documentary by Antoine Danis






An unknown man is meandering in a ruined city. He picks up the remainders of an ancient conflict that is not over. That will not end. This city is Athens, which has become a mythological space as well as the set of the hangover of the European crisis. As we follow his steps, we hear the voices of individuals talking about their everyday lives and about their political struggles. Cries of condemnation and cries of hope. With his feature debut, Antoine Danis composes the polyphonic music of a heterodox city resonating throughout times. Following the rhythm of the organic editing, Athens morphs into a political tale. The tale of contemporary Greece. Here, the rhapsody recovers its original meaning: that which announces the telling of an epic poem. (Elena Lopez Riera)


Les Films de l’œil sauvage avec Minimal Films (Athènes), La société des Apaches, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Cinéma & Le Fresnoy


Bourse Louis Lumière, Aide aux cinémas du monde, Aide à la coproduction franco-grecque, Aide à la Création Musicale du CNC, Régions Rhône-Alpes et Auvergne, PROCIREP-ANGOA, ALCIME-SACEM

Selection in festivals

Compétition internationale Entrevues Belfort, Etats généraux du documentaire de Lussas, Les Écrans documentaires, Medfilm Rome, Image de ville.

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Les Toîles du doc, les Lucioles du Doc

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Un article dans le journal du Festival Entrevues ici.