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Encore un prix pour Le Kiosque d’Alexandra Pianelli !


Le film a remporté le Grand Prix du Jury au Festival BBC LongShots !


Le film a été nominé par Joana de Sousa du Doclisboa International Film Festival

« The Kiosk is an extremely sensible work of observation. A study of the city, of labour and of community… In two metres of space inside the kiosk, [Pianelli] uses a variety of formats and approaches that expand the walls of the stand and encompass various complexities. »

« The entire world floods that little corner, through the dozens of customers, their stories and lives, but also through the major political, social and economic events that influence the kiosk’s existence… The kiosk becomes then a barometer of society, a measuring mechanism of change. This film is not only about media sales or a dying profession, it’s about how people find ways to build communities, to be aware of one another. »